Our philosophy of creating solutions revolves around enterprise architecture methodologies, application-centricity and a vendor neutral approach, with a view to build a robust, business aligned and optimized IT environment for customers.

We use a proven process to provide the most cost-effective and efficient technical solutions.


Step 1: Understand Your Requirements

We perform a structured review of the requirements with the business unit and the technical teams. The better we understand the requirement, the more likely we are to create a winning technical solution.

Step 2: Create Technical Options

Document several technical solutions or approaches to meet the requirements. Rough order of magnitude (ROM) costs are provided.

Step 3: Build a Conceptual Diagram

Create a high-level, visual representation of the solution. The conceptual diagram provides the building blocks for the final, detailed design.

Step 4: Create the Final Integration Diagram

The final diagram depicts all of the infrastructure and integration details needed for build. The final solution costs are provided.

Step 5: Final Approval

Present the final design for build approval.