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Our IT Audit and Assessment services provide you with independent, unbiased assessment of your security program, policies and controls.

ITSP is a proven, valuable partner in the battle to keep your business secure and operating at peak productivity. At one time, information security was as simple as a unique ID and the watchful guard of the onsite operations team. But the threats your organization faces today are unseen and uncontained, and increased complexities of e-business present challenges unmatched at any previous point in time. Many of the costs associated with information operations and information security can be reduced simply by taking a systematic and proactive approach, and working with qualified professionals that are security-focused and business-minded.

The ability to anticipate change and respond proactively is no longer simply an option. It’s a requirement. That’s why you need a partner like ITSP. We are unique in the market because we not only have an established track record of providing enterprise technology and security services to commercial clients, but we also have a foundation in service of the United States Department of Defense. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Our IT Audit and Assessment services provide you with independent, unbiased assessment of your security program, policies and controls. This provides your executive leadership and management team with the confidence that your organization is adequately mitigating risk in alignment with business objectives.

Risk Assessment

Know where you stand with a detailed and comprehensive assessment of your organization’s security posture from ITSP. Risk Assessments from ITSP include invaluable strategies and recommendations to secure and protect your organization’s information and technology infrastructure.

Business Continuity Planning

Effective Business Continuity Planning will help ensure the security of your staff, visitors, and operations in the event of a crisis. In just 60 days, ITSP will have your organization prepared to continue operations in virtually any unplanned event – from a minor interruption to a major disaster.

Incident Response Planning

ITSP offers incident response planning services that will allow your organization to have a clearly defined response plan and policies in place should a cyber incident occur.

Incident Response (Post-Event)

In the event of an information security emergency, the ITSP Incident Response team will step in to help your organization identify the source of the compromise, preserve critical information, and prevent the spread of contamination or unauthorized access to other systems and networks.

Areas of Expertise:

> Risk Assessment
> Business Continuity Planning
> Disaster Recovery Planning
> Incident Response Planning

> Business Continuity Plan Testing
> Disaster Recovery Plan Testing
> Incident Response (Post-Event)